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fic: losing balance (2/2)

Title: Losing Balance (2/2)
Word Count: About 5,700 (eek!)
Disclaimer: I don't own BBT, or any of the Star Trek franchise for that matter.
Rating: M. Very, very M.

Summary: To summarise this fic, I present to you a quote from an interview with Bill Prady at Comic-Con last week: "First of all, what the heck is Sheldon's deal? [...] He seems to have given up on human contact. I keep saying maybe every seven years like the Vulcans. Maybe he's subject to Pon Farr." Everyone got the plot now? Excellent.

Part One can be found here:

A/N - Check me out, posting the second part of this a day later - I hope you're all sufficiently proud of me! :P For this part, please imagine that Pon Farr isn't a Star Trek concept... I couldn't be bothered to come up with a suitable scientific name. This is my first time writing Sheldon/Penny smut, though of course Sheldon is pretty severely OOC in this fic...

Anyway - enjoy!

Losing Balance Part Two

She got as far as the living room, because that’s where the book was. She hadn’t noticed it when she’d entered the apartment, but she did now - it was a large, hardback volume, lying open on the coffee table in front of Sheldon’s spot. Penny hesitated for a moment and then went and sat down there, turned on the lamp next to the couch, and pulled the book towards her.

It was, she discovered, a medical encyclopaedia. She quickly browsed the page until she found what she was looking for - the entry for Pon Farr. Penny had never heard of it.

Pon Farr is an extremely rare condition that affects 1 in roughly 3.5 million men. Pon Farr causes an hormonal imbalance in the sufferer…

There followed a complicated paragraph listing different hormone levels that were affected, which Penny skimmed over.

A sufferer of Pon Farr can lead an entirely ordinary life for the majority of the time; episodes of hormonal imbalance last between three to five days, and occur every six to eight years. Though it differs from person to person, the Pon Farr cycle is, in most cases, very regular, and so the sufferer can usually predict and prepare for an episode. Pon Farr first manifests itself at puberty, and episodes will continue for life. Episodes involve a range of symtoms that differ from person to person, but the most common include fever, insomnia, a loss of inhibition, severe irritability and uncontrollable sexual desire.

Penny swallowed, hard, and looked back over at the corridor. Well. That explained that. Penny felt a jolt of electricity just thinking about the kiss again, and she hurriedly went back to reading.

Pon Farr episodes are currently impossible to medicate - hormone levels change so quickly and unpredictably that any attempt to regulate them could result in lethal overdoses. Pon Farr sufferers simply have to cope with the symptoms as best they can; this can be a difficult and dangerous task, especially as hormone levels can fluctuate without warning, adversely affecting the body’s normal functions or sometimes causing the sufferer to harm himself. Because of this, it is inadvisable to leave a Pon Farr sufferer completely unsupervised during an episode, though most prefer to be alone throughout.

So much for going back to her apartment. Penny didn’t even need to think about it to decide that she was staying right where she was. She’d stay out of Sheldon’s room, but she’d check on him from time to time and make sure he was okay - she shuddered to think what might happen if she just left him alone and he collapsed or something.

Poor Sheldon. She’d never even dreamed that he suffered from something like this - why would she? He wasn’t exactly talkative about his personal life, and she’d only known him for three years. Penny quickly counted back in her head - Sheldon had said that this was his third episode, and he was twenty-six now, which meant that he’d been twelve when it had first happened.

Poor little Sheldon. He must have been terrified.

She realised then that his Mom must know about his condition, and wondered why he hadn’t called her. Well, it didn’t matter - she was here instead.

Penny looked back down at the book.

Though it has not been medically proven, it is interesting to note that many Pon Farr sufferers claim that sexual intercourse during an episode helps to alleviate the symptoms and even shorten the duration of the episode. This has given rise to the theory that Pon Farr is in fact a male mating urge; a genetic throwback to a more animalistic past.

Holy. Crap. On. A. Cracker.

A genetic throwback? Sheldon Cooper, Doctor-next-step-in-the-evolutionary-scale, turned into a caveman every seven years. Penny swallowed again and sat back properly, trying to ignore just how much that actually turned her on.

…theory that Pon Farr is in fact a male mating urge…

Penny closed her eyes, remembering the way Sheldon had pinned her against the wall and attacked her mouth with his - he had definitely been craving just one thing before he’d managed to pull himself away.

…sexual intercourse during an episode helps to alleviate the symptoms and even shorten the duration of the episode…

Penny bit her lip, staring at the words on the page in front of her. No. There was no way. She couldn’t. She couldn’t possibly.

She wanted to, and she was less shocked by that than she guessed she should be. But that didn’t make it right. He was ill. He wasn’t thinking straight. This was Sheldon - he didn’t think of her that way, when he was in his right frame of mind. He’d be mortified when it was over. He’d never speak to her again.

She’d stay and take care of him, but not like that.

Suddenly, the silence of the apartment was disturbed by the unmistakable sound of glass breaking. Penny jumped to her feet, knocking the book to the floor, and ran back up the hallway to Sheldon’s room.

She paused at the door, trying to listen, and could hear Sheldon breathing heavily.

She knocked, and breathing hitched. “Sheldon, it’s me - are you okay?”

There was no answer, and the door remained close. Penny forced herself to count to ten, and then slowly pushed the door open, peering into the darkness.

Sheldon was sitting on his bed, his knees drawn up to his chest and his head resting on top of them. His hands were clutching at his comforter, and Penny saw them clench into fists as she stepped into the room properly.

She stood uncertainly on the threshold for a long moment, and then shut the door behind her.

Penny took a step towards the bed and jumped again when there was a crunching sound under her sandals. Looking down she saw that she was standing on the remains of a water glass - the contents of which were dripping down the wall next to the door. If she had been undecided before, the sight of the broken glass and the thought of the state Sheldon had to be in to do such a thing decided her. She carefully stepped over the glass, slipped off her sandals and climbed onto the bed.

Sheldon started to shake but besides that he didn’t move as Penny knelt in front of him. She saw his head start to rise, but then it was pressed harder into his knees. “Pen - ny-” he choked out, his voice deeper than Penny had ever heard it.

Penny shifted a little closer to him. “Let me help you Sheldon,” she said softly.

Sheldon shook his head, still not looking up at her. “N-nothing you can do-” he stammered out, shaking harder than ever and all but gasping for breath.

Penny took a deep breath to try and calm herself, and then reached out her right hand and slid her fingers into Sheldon’s hair. His hands lifted but kept a firm hold of the comforter, lifting it with them, and Sheldon started to shake his head again, but Penny knelt up and, using both hands, forced Sheldon to raise his head. He kept his eyes tight shut, and the shaking stopped as he completely froze.

Penny framed his face with her hands, his feverish heat washing over her as she leant closer to him. “We both know that’s not true Sheldon,” she whispered, and then she kissed him.

It was gentle and one-sided because Sheldon remained frozen as Penny slanted her lips over his top one. One second passed… two… and on the third she could almost hear the proverbial snap! inside Sheldon’s head, and then he moved.

Suddenly his hands were on the back of her head, forcing her closer, and he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it. Penny cried out from the mingled pain and pleasure of it all and let go of Sheldon’s face to wrap her arms around his neck, pushing herself closer.
Sheldon licked her lip and then forced her mouth open, but this time she was ready and her tongue met his thrust for thrust. She felt Sheldon’s growl right through her body, and then he was shifting, kneeling up in front of her and moving his hands down her back to her hips. A second later he slid his hands down the backs of her thighs and, before Penny realised what he was about to do, he grabbed her behind the knees and jerked her legs up, so she toppled down onto her back. He moved with her as if his mouth was glued to hers, and her cry of surprise was entirely smothered by his insistent tongue. He pressed her down into the mattress, and Penny wrapped her legs around his waist, appreciative of their new position.

Sheldon’s hands didn’t waste any time in finding the waistband of her sweatpants, and Penny tried to concentrate on returning the favour while still matching Sheldon’s kiss, which didn’t show any signs of slowing down. She lowered her legs from around Sheldon’s waist so that he could push down her sweatpants and her panties, but he barely got them down to her knees before he batted her hands away and pushed down his own pyjamas bottoms. Then, without any ado and no warning, he pushed inside her.

Penny cried out and even Sheldon stilled for a moment, pausing in his onslaught of her mouth, but then he started to move.

It was sloppy, and uncomfortable, and their pants kept getting in the way - Sheldon’s thrusts were shallow, and erratic… and it was short. Sheldon must have been far more desperate than Penny’d realised, because barely a minute later he groaned into her mouth and came.

He pulled his lips away from hers and rested his forehead against her cheek, breathing heavily, and Penny lay completely still, wondering what to do. She wasn’t angry - it wasn’t like Sheldon had much control over his actions at the moment - but she was frustrated as all hell.

Then Sheldon lifted his head and, without warning, bit down on her neck. Penny bucked underneath him, and as she did she realised that Sheldon, though he had withdrawn from her, was still hard as a rock. His tongue darted out and licked a circle over the tooth marks he’d just made, and then he started sucking on her skin, and Penny whimpered.

It wasn’t over.

Penny grabbed at the hem of Sheldon’s shirt and pulled it up his torso, raking her nails up his back as she did so. Sheldon growled again and sat up, all but ripping his shirt over his head. Next went his pyjama bottoms, and then he pulled her sweatpants off her, tossing them onto the floor to join his clothes. Then, for the first time since she had entered his room, he looked at her.

Penny had thought that he’d looked intense out in the hallway, but that was nothing compared with this… this was, well, to quote the book - animalistic. The look he was giving her was so primal, so possessive, that Penny almost came just from the fire in his eyes. Her back arched and she moaned, and Sheldon’s eyes narrowed. Then he lunged down, crawling back up her body, kissing, licking and nipping at the tops of her thighs, then pushing her top up to do the same to her waist and her stomach. Penny pulled her top up over her head, and Sheldon’s lips were latched onto her right breast before it even hit the ground. Penny cried out and arched her back again, raking her fingers through Sheldon’s hair and holding him to her and he swirled his tongue around her hardened nipple.

Sheldon lifted his head and bit down on the side of her breast before turning his attention to the other. Penny bit her lip and tried to push against his shoulders - she wanted him underneath her, she’d let him run this show for long enough.

Sheldon growled again and lifted his head to glare at her. Then he seized her wrists and forced them into the mattress above her head, surging up and over her. He drove into her once more, this time right up to the hilt, and Penny cried out at the exquisite agony of it. Without their clothes the heat from Sheldon’s body seemed to be almost doubled, and Penny felt like she was on fire. Sheldon’s ear was in front of her, and she caught his earlobe between her teeth as Sheldon slid out and back into her again. She was rewarded with another growl, and then Sheldon bit down on the side of her neck. He let go of one of her hands to palm her breast, all the while continuing to pump into her, and suddenly it was too much for Penny, and she climaxed, screaming Sheldon’s name into his ear.

Sheldon pumped into her a few more times before he also climaxed, and when Penny was able to think clearly again she found him lying on top of her with his face buried in her shoulder, still inside her. And still hard.

Penny lost track of time, space, all rational thought after that - it was hours before Sheldon finally started to show signs of tiring, and though she had the best intentions and god knows she was enjoying herself, she couldn’t keep up with him by the end. Luckily, Sheldon didn’t really require her to do much - though he clearly liked it when she did - but eventually, he seemed to run out of energy all at once. Penny lay next to him, her head turned to watch him sleep. She could feel without touching him that his fever had broken.

She wanted to get up and cover him with a blanket, but she didn’t even have the energy to raise her head. Her last thought before she fell asleep was that things were going to be mighty awkward in the morning.


Penny wasn’t sure exactly what time it had been when they’d fallen asleep, but it was gone noon when she woke up. For a moment she lay still with her eyes closed, wondering idly why she felt so sore. Then the memories of last night came flooding back and her eyes flew open.

Her head was turned towards Sheldon, and so the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was that he was still next to her, and still fast asleep. He was flat on his back, completely naked - as was she - and snoring slightly. Penny felt infinitely relieved that she’d woken up first, completely of the opinion that this whole thing would be a whole lot easier to discuss if they did so wearing clothes.

She sat up in what she intended to be a swift, graceful movement, but which actually caused her to gasp - she seemed to have pulled every muscle in her back. She slowly lowered her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She scooped up her clothes and sandals, crept over the glass and hurried out of the bedroom, smiling slightly at Sheldon’s sleeping form as she closed the door behind her… and taking the chance to memorise what he looked like naked - it wasn’t likely she’d see him like that again.

He was probably going to move back to Germany or something.

Penny pulled on her sweatpants and top, hissing with pain at every movement, and then shuffled out of the apartment, her panties shoved into her pocket and her sandals in one hand.

Once in her own apartment, Penny shed all her clothes again and stepped into the shower, and stayed in there for half an hour. She barely moved, even as the water temperature fluctuated from steaming hot to icy cold - she just let the water beat down on her back and soothe her aches. She felt much better once she stepped out. She dried off and then stood in front of her bathroom mirror to assess the damage.

Her hips were bruised where Sheldon had been grabbing at them, and there were a couple of light bruises on her inner thigh and on her wrist. That was all okay - the problem was her neck. She counted seven lovebites. There was an eighth on her right breast but that could be covered up easily… the other seven though…

Penny sighed and wandered into her room to get dressed. They’d fade away pretty quickly, and she would just have to wear turtlenecks until they did.

She threw on a pair of linen pants and a vest top, and had shuffled into the kitchen to see if there was any food when there was a knock on the door. Just one, single knock. She froze, staring at the door, and after a long moment there were two more knocks.


He was quiet and he was nervous, but he was Sheldon. Penny took a deep breath and started to walk towards the door.

Knock knock knock.


Knock knock knock.


Penny opened the door wide and smiled at Sheldon. She knew this was going to be awful, that there would probably be yelling, but she wasn’t going to do anything to rile him up. For once.

Sheldon met her eyes for a brief moment before looking down at the floor and stepping into her apartment. Penny closed the door behind him.

He had obviously just woken up - his hair was messy and he was still barefoot. He was wearing a fresh pair of pyjama bottoms, and his light blue Superman t-shirt. The blue brought out his eyes - which were back to their normal colour.

Sheldon turned to face Penny. “I…” He started. “I wanted to say -” He looked up at her and his eyes widened. “Oh my god.”

Penny frowned. “What?”

“Your - your neck!”

“Oh… yeah,” Penny shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

“No big - look what I did to you! Penny, I am so sorry-”

Penny’s jaw dropped. “What? Sheldon, you don’t have to apologise…”

“Yes I do - there was no excuse for what happened-”

“Sheldon, you were sick,” Penny said, stepping closer to him. She felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders as she realised that he wasn't angry with her, or disgusted or anything she'd imagined. He was ashamed, but only because he thought he'd forced her or something. “You couldn’t help it. And you told me to leave. Loads of times. I’m the one who ignored you. I wanted to stay.”

Sheldon gave her an incredulous look, and Penny tilted her head and smiled again. “You’re my friend Sheldon, I hated seeing you in pain like that - I wanted to help,” she said. She paused and watched Sheldon stare at his feet for a few moments.

“How do you feel now?”

Sheldon met her eyes again, looking more like his old self. “Better,” he said. “I was not expecting the episode to be over until sometime tonight, but based on my previous experience with the feeling, I can safely say that my hormone levels have almost returned to normal.”

Penny smiled again. “I guess that book was right, then,” she said.

Sheldon frowned. “You read the book?”

“That’s how I knew how to help you.”

“Oh.” Sheldon shuffled slightly. “I must confess that until now I have disregarded such theories as ridiculous, but now…” He paused again, and suddenly his eyes widened with something akin to horror.

“We - Penny we didn’t use any contraceptives! What if -”

Penny held up her hands. “Relax Sheldon, I’m on the pill,” she said.

Sheldon took a deep breath and nodded. “Right. Sorry.”

Penny laughed. “Stop apologising,” she said. Now that she knew Sheldon wasn’t angry with her, she found herself in a surprisingly good mood. Things would only be awkward if they let them be awkward.

“Go grab a shower and get changed, and we’ll go out to lunch,” she said, opening the door for him. Sheldon frowned, and Penny cocked her head to one side. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

After a moment Sheldon nodded. “Very well,” he said. “I’ll pay.”

Penny grinned. “Fine by me,” she said as he walked past her.

He turned around before she could close the door and stared down at her with a look she’d only seen once before - that time on her bed. “Thank you Penny,” he said after a moment.

Penny smiled again and leant against the door. “Anything for you sweetie,” she said truthfully.

Sheldon blushed - actually blushed - and Penny’s smile widened. His gaze dropped to her neck again, and he shook his head. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” he said.

“They don’t hurt,” Penny told him.

Sheldon raised an eyebrow. “I don’t believe you,” he said flatly.

Penny raised an eyebrow right back at him. “You will when you look in the mirror,” she said.

Sheldon’s eyes widened and his hand flew to his neck. It only took him a moment to discover the three lovebites on the side of his throat. Penny smirked and shut the door.


Seven Years Later.

“Sheldon? Where are you?”


Penny walked into the bedroom to find Sheldon sitting on the bed with his knees drawn up to his chest and his head resting upon them. She closed the door behind her and leant against it. “Well, this looks familiar,” she quipped.

Sheldon looked up at her and gave her a disapproving look. She smirked and went to join him on the bed. Sheldon leant back against the headboard and watched her through lidded eyes.

“I think that -”

Penny shook her head. “It’s okay, I just dropped the kids off with Leonard - told him we were going away for a long weekend.”

Sheldon narrowed his eyes. “How did you know?”

Penny rolled her eyes. “Honey, I can count to seven,” she said. “Plus throwing the garbage can out of the window is kind of atypical behaviour for you.”

Sheldon drew a shaky breath and ran a hand through his hand. “Well, I’m alright for now - the first day is always just spiked levels… it’s tomorrow that it will get bad.”

Penny smirked again and crawled across the bed, up between Sheldon’s legs, stopping with her body hovering over his on all fours. “I don’t think we should risk it,” she said seriously.

Sheldon’s blue eyes had gone dark, almost primal dark, and he licked his lips.

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