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Fiction Friday: June 12 - Community Challenge!

We kicked that goal's BUTT!

Fiction Friday challenge is complete, but feel free to post more if you like. ^_^

Welcome to the Parradox Pirracy Prroject's very first Fiction Friday!

We're keeping things simple this week and not holding an individual contest. [Not to worry! There will be fic contests in coming weeks. ^_^]

Instead we're having a COMMUNITY CHALLENGE!

This week we're working on the simple premise of THEME, instead of posting a list of prompts to work from. Any and all drabbles written with this week's theme[s] are welcome. Drabbles are generally 100-500 words, but don't let a silly little word limit crush your inspiration. We're accepting fics that don't quite fit as well, but please keep all drabbles OVER 100 words. Here are the themes for June 12th:

- homecoming

- future

Please also feel free to be inspired by the following bonus prompts. Fics are not required to use any of these prompts to be part of this Fiction Friday, they're just here to help stir up a few plot bunnies and get your brains working hard! THE BONUS PROMPTS:

- smile

- rain

- ice cream

Now for the details of the challenge! Since this is a community challenge it means that we're all working together towards a single goal. That goal? To produce 50 drabbles in 24 hours! With all of the amazing authors we have it's certain to be a breeze, and now is a great time for anyone who doesn't usually write to give it a shot!

Please comment with a link to any fics you write for this week's Fiction Friday, or even post them as a comment if you like!

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