September 24th, 2009

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TBBT - Picspam for 3.01

In this entry are some screencaps for Episode 3.01. I hope you all enjoy! There are about FORTY (40) screencaps for 3.01 - I didn't take any L/P, of course, because that makes my stomach churn.

Disclaimer: Even if Sheldon, Penny and the show take over my life, I do not possess them. I'm just a lonely fan who wants to waste time. Credits, of course, go to CBS and Chuck Lorre, for the episode.


The Bed Bath Paradigm Shift

Title: The Bed Bath Paradigm Shift

Author: Starfish001

Rating: T, but not really unless you could vague references to masturbation.

Chapters: 13

Spoilers: Some vague allusions to various eps, but nothing that would give anything away.

Disclaimer: They are only mine inside my very elaborate fantasy world.

Summary: ANGST! Car crash, feelings, clichés abound. Please ignore the almighty plot holes, I was going to go round with a shovel but it would have been longer than War and Peace by the time I finished.
Jensen: Flower

Fic: The Good Neighbor Irregularity, Chapter Two

Title: The Good Neighbor Irregularity
Author: wickedlilwitch  or Naughtykittekat of
Spoilers: Seasons 1 & 2 in general .. and it is probably AU as of Season 3
Rating: Light M ... changed the rating on too.
Word  Count: ~1700
Disclaimer: I make no money or own any rights to anything resembeling the Big Bang Mythology other than the ideas and situations I created.

So.. Here's Chapter Two!!   It's not as long as I thought it was going to be as I decided to hold somethings off until the next chapter..  Enjoy and please review. They are always very much apprectiated. And thanks to everyone who reviewed the first chapter, If I haven't replied I will soon.

Also, I suppose if sex isn't your thing.. you might not want to follow the link.
Goes directly to chapter two.

XOXO Riley
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Fic: Five Times Penny Doesn't Touch Sheldon

Title: Five Times Penny Doesn’t Touch Sheldon
Author: d_sieya
Spoilers: TECOF, mostly, but references several S1 and S2 episodes
Rating: PG-13 for cussing I guess, to be safe
Word Count: 2,698
Disclaimer: Do you think I’d be writing fic if I could be finding excuses to attach myself to Jim Parsons?
Author’s Note: Of course I had to post this after montycrowley posted one, so it’s kinda like Leonard’s white board right next to Sheldon’s, but yeah, as long as you don’t try to compare maybe you won’t think, “oh, what a derivative restatement of what you could find on the wall of any men’s room in MIT.” So. Um, arabian’s TECOF breakdown inspired this (who’s surprised? those things are pretty inspiring). My first “five times” ficlet, and my first fic in total present tense. Warning: Penny likes to think in run-ons. Enjoy, colon-capital-d.

( (And one time she does.) ) @ graygeese

The Arctic Expedition Consequence

Title: The Arctic Expedition Consequence

Author: Starfish001

Rating: M…it’s a bit rude.

Chapters: 1

Disclaimer: A tiny Sheldon dances inside my head. But I don’t make any money from him.

Summary: One shot. Alternate scene from The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, so may be spoilers...but probably not 'cause I've gone way OOC. Sheldon fans may hate me. Leonard fans (if there are any left…?) will definitely hate me. You were warned.

(Yes, two stories in one day. I have an essay due and I'm procrastinating)