April 1st, 2009

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Sheldon's middle name?

Okay, so this is for a fic I am currently writing, and I just can't decide. I keep going back and forth between the first two choices. I also can't help that either his middle name starts with a vowel or it should be the name of his father. I suppose it doesn't matter; it should juts sound good when someone is chiding him with it ;)

I am curious to hear other opinions, too.

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What should Sheldon's middle name be?

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The Perfect Moment Equation

Title: The Perfect Moment Equation
Author: Sin
Spoilers: Just for the show in general.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1821.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, show, or any of the amazing bits that make up this show. No infringement is intended.

In which Penny has trouble sleeping and Sheldon begins to solve the most important equation in the world.

A/N: My bottomless gratitude goes out to fujiidom and 3pirouette for the amazing and super-fast betas. And thanks to annjej76 for inadvertently inspiring parts of this. ^_^ Here are those invisible equations you wanted!



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♥ Sin

Umbrella in the Rain

Title: Umbrella in the Rain
Spoilers: Not really, very slight for "The Work Song Nanocluster
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1049 (or so)
Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory and its characters are not mine, they belong to the folks who are mistakenly trying to pair Penny up with Leonard
Notes: My first shot at a fanfic... (ok reviewers, bring it on!!)

A/N: This is a Sheldon/Penny pre-ship story inspired by Irrel’s drawing: Umbrella in the Rain (i'd post a link but i haven't figured out how to do that yet).  Also thanks to her for providing me "how to" on posting and LJ cut...

Penny looked out her window, “crap”, she muttered as she stared out at the pouring rain. Where the hell is my umbrella? The last time I had it was… crap… in the car… along with the script for tomorrow’s audition. With a heavy sigh, she pulled on her boots, the polka dot ones her mom had bought her in junior high, grabbed a plastic bag for the script, shoved it in the back pocket of her jean skirt and walked out the door. 

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