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Hey everyone, it's me again, Sin!

Since a lot of people expressed interest in mixing things up instead of having the same type of community activity each month [i.e.- the prompts] we spent some time brainstorming and considered all of the cool suggestions everyone made as part of the questionnaire. Once we worked out the kinks [hehe, pardon my pun] we came up with our APRIL CHALLENGE!


Anonymous posting is ON, but please remain courteous and follow all of the normal community rules. You have the option to remain anonymous but you are not required to do so. Anonymity is not an excuse to belittle others or start fights. Keep it classy.

Here are the rules:

1.] Each request should contain a basic description of the kink, situation, or content you want the response to contain. Feel free to include a few specific details if you'd like.

Example: "Bondage kink, with Penny dominating Sheldon. Very adult. [R/NC-17] Especially rope bondage and blindfolds."

[Keep in mind that the responses might not meet all of the request. It depends on what inspires the writer.]

2.] Post each prompt/request in reply to the meme itself, not in reply to other comments.

3.] Do not pass judgment on others' kinks, this is a chance to request things without criticism.

4.] Please withhold in-depth con-crit unless the writer posts outside of the meme and requests it. The meme is a place for requests, responses, and "That was great! Very hot!" etc type of comments.

5.] Prompts/requests are free game once posted, anyone can answer them and multiple responses are very welcome!

6.] If you post a request please try to fill one as well, to keep the meme from turning into a list of prompts and nothing else. Art is fine as well as fic.

7.] Please post appropriate warnings at the top of each fic response, and don't complain if you forgot to check the warnings.

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