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Episode Discussion - 7.19 - The Indecision Amalgamation

Penny gets an offer to be in the sequel to Serial Apist and can't decide whether to take the job. Sheldon is being indecisive on which new video game system to buy driving Amy crazy. Raj actually finds himself with two girls to date after he runs into Amy's friend Emily and gets a note from Lucy.

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Oh my lord, this episode was damn near perfect. (No Stuart. My perennial complaint. Moving on...)

This may be absolutely is the wrong community to say this, but Sheldon and Amy kissing was totally, totally adorable. In fact I liked all their interactions through the whole episode.

Raj flirting with Penny was top-notch. Raj and Emily (and Lucy) was very sweet because at least they're all being honest about they want.

What delighted me, completely and totally, was everything involving Wil. But especially the reveal at the end.

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I couldn't stop laughing at Amy's fake enthusiasm for Sheldon's dilemma and how she ended that conversation. And them kissing was cute but so awkward (which it should be because they're both supposed to be inexperienced) that I got some second and embarrassment. XD

I'm prone to that sort of embarrassment too but I was so busy imagining how many bloopers there probably are of that scene, because I can't imagine either Mayim or Jim getting through every take without cracking up.
I agree with you, both Sheldon and Amy have gone a long way here and are both putting effort in their relationship, they are definitely endgame and at least we're not having the whole "one day they were friends and the next they drunkenly slept together" storyline.
I still 110% ship Sheldon and Penny in a fanon sense, but good gravy the slow unfolding of Sheldon and Amy's relationship has been one of the better written things about the series.
I hope this show starts showing that these couples work/can be good for everyone involved. The potential is there, the writing just needs to get better. Tonight was a good example. Despite not caring about the actual dilemma, Amy did care that Sheldon cared and was pretty great at the store. And Leonard being supportive, pointing out "you can be great in a bad movie" even getting Wil Wheaton to talk to Penny about acting as a career was good. It can still be a humorous show without turning into semi-abusive "conflict for laughs" story lines.