Jen (jazzfic) wrote in sheldon_penny,

Saturnalia gift for muir_wolf - fic: (but is this really?) the progression of things

Title: (but is this really?) the progression of things
Author: jazzfic
Rating/Warnings: pg13 / none
Word Count: 3472
Summary: SPACE BARISTAS: in space, no one can hear you steam.
Notes: I don’t live on a spaceship, but if I did, I’d want it to be a Terducken-style falling to bits hybrid of all my favourites. Goodbye, Saturnalia! we go out on a splutter and a fizz! Big thanks to Lauren for beta reading; and to dearest Marie, the world out there is everything, and this small part of it is for you.

what do you see? he asks / space, she says
Tags: !a very merry saturnalia: 2013, fan: fiction, rating: pg-13
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