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Community Rules (Revised)

The community profile provides easy access to Paradox’s rules, and it should be your go-to place for a quick review of those rules. However, with a stable influx of members comes a need for a more detailed rundown of the rules. Below, you’ll find more thorough explanations of the community rules. Please read these explanations. If you’re ever unclear about a rule, don’t hesitate to check here for clarification.

  1. Your spelling and grammar do not have to be perfect, but please make an effort to make your posts and comments coherent.

    Netspeak is acceptable but not always readable, so use it in moderation. Proper capitalization is preferred in fan fiction.

  2. Behave like adults. Do not disrespect or provoke one another. Do not bash characters or pairings. We will not tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory conduct.

    We cannot stress the message of this rule enough. You may not all be legal adults, but you are certainly old enough to know what crosses a line. Remember that your opinion is not everyone’s; it isn't your responsibility to police others' thoughts. We shouldn’t need to emphasize how unacceptable racist, sexist, homophobic, or other discriminatory comments are. Do not do it.

  3. We will not permit any discussion of the cast and crew's private lives.

    The private lives of the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory are just that: PRIVATE. Whether a person is gay/straight or single/in a relationship is not relevant to Sheldon/Penny, so you shouldn’t need to discuss it. If you are interested in discussing Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, whether as friends or more, visit the_pcship or bbt_rpf.

  4. This community has a three-strike policy for post rejections and comment deletion: explanation will be given only the first and second times a specific post is rejected from the queue; explanation will be given only the first and second times a poster's comment is deleted from a specific post.

    The three-strike rule applies to (a) the post queue - and - (b) entry comments. Applied to the post queue, this rule means that the poster will receive explanation for a rejected post the first and second time that post is rejected, but not the third or higher. Applied to entry comments, this rule means that the poster will receive explanation via PM the first and second time a comment is deleted in an entry but not the third or higher.

  5. The following content may be posted to sheldon_penny:

    Episode/season/series discussion, meta discussion, series news, spoilers, taping reports, fan fiction, and fan art (whether graphics, icons, or art), and any interview/appearance/article featuring Jim Parsons and/or Kaley Cuoco.

  6. Please pay attention! Do not double-post information. If you’re unsure whether information has been posted, check! All posts should be tagged, so check pertinent tags to see if your information has been posted.

    Likewise, do not spam. Try to contain your information to as few posts at once as possible. Furthermore, the Page-a-Mod post was created for all questions and concerns members have. We also have a Fic Finder post for that fic you just can't find.

    (NOTE: While posting interviews and media related to Sheldon (/Jim Parsons) and Penny (/Kaley Cuoco) is allowed, posting interviews and media related to the other characters and actors is not.)

  7. You must make diligent use of lj-cuts. If your post is image heavy (i.e. graphics, picspams) or content heavy (i.e. taping reports, fan fiction), you must use a lj-cut. Videos and images larger than 400 px in width must be behind a cut. Spoilers must be cut!

    Video and image size are limited to 300x400 because a video or image that’s too large will distort not only the layout at Paradox, but other members’ layouts when they browse their friendslists. As a rule, if you are uncertain about the length of your entry, place anything after three paragraphs behind a cut.

    LJ-cuts are required for spoilers because many members prefer to remain unspoiled for episodes. You must use a lj-cut for any material referencing an episode less than a week past its original airdate. If you don’t know how to use the cut feature, please review this LiveJournal FAQ article. ALL spoilers must be cut. Failure to do so will result in deletion.

  8. Please tag your entries. Tags allow members to find desired content more easily and the community to run more efficiently.

    This rule is simple. Tag your entries so that others can find your contributions more easily. You can find the community tags here.

  9. When posting fan fiction, please use the template below. When posting multi-chapter stories, please link to the previous chapter when you post a new chapter.

    We chose this template because it provides pertinent information to others about the content of your story. A link to the previous chapter of your story (or, if you prefer, a link to your author tag) allows a member who missed that chapter to read it before reading the newest chapter.

  10. If you’re unsure how to deal a problem or situation, either contact a moderator or wait. Once a moderator has dealt with a matter, let it go.

    Goading one another will only fan the proverbial flame and create further problems for Paradox. The moderators will contain and mediate a problem as much as possible.

  11. Questions or concerns? Don’t create a new post. Comment on the Page-a-Mod post.

The Page-a-Mod post exists to create an avenue for questions or ideas a member would like to share with the moderators. This post prevents the community from being overrun with questions.
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