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SATURNALIA: Stocking Stuffers!

Now that posting for this year's Saturnalia is coming to a close, we've decided to bring you a surprise! As we have decided that this will be the last year that we run the Saturnalia exchange, we wanted to do something a little extra. So, we've gone through prompts from this year as well as years past (at least the ones we could find) and we're now posting many of them here to inspire all of you to continue creating amazing fanworks. Some of them have already been filled, but that's okay, the more works the merrier!

As for guidelines... there are none! Unlike the regular Saturnalia rules, there are no word count requirements or deadlines or any of that. All we ask is that you tag all works related to these prompts with !a very merry saturnalia: 2013, and that you post them according to community rules with the proper headers, tags and LJ cuts. Please do not respond to this post with your fanworks, just treat them as you would a regular fic, art or mix post.

And now, on to the prompts!


If Penny had a chance to do the last five years over she has a lot of thoughts on where would be a good place to start. Sheldon brings his work home with him and in a moment of Doctor Who-related lapsed judgment lets Penny near his things while out of sight. So, of course, time travel hijinks ensue.

AU romance between an Astronaut!Sheldon and SecretAgent!Penny, any rating.

Avengers crossover! Somehow, Sheldon and Loki meet and make plans to take over the world one magic-laced physics equation at a time. Thor and Penny take it upon themselves to stop them.

Regency!AU/Jane Austen fusion

Crossover/AU with "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time": After splitting up with Kurt, Penny mysteriously gains the ability to time travel and in doing so meets the strange Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Penny is pregnant. It's not Sheldon's baby, but she has no-one else to turn to, so he'll help her. Your choice who the father is or how close Penny & Sheldon are/have been previously.

Sheldon/Penny, he invites her to attend a conference with him as his plus-one (choose your own reason: he needs to come across as more 'human', its far away and he needs someone to help him establish a routine, etc.) and she, to the surprise of everyone- including herself- accepts.

She cut a fine figure on that stage. Literally. (Detective/Mobster AU)

Sheldon/Penny; AU; Penny gets a job directing a community play in Galveston, Texas. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a professor at the college, has been shanghaied by his sister, Missy (the playwright), into helping w/ lights/sounds/etc. Now if only they could keep the drama ONstage...

SPIES AU. Maybe the reason we don't know Penny's last name is because SHE'S A SPY. The whole waitress/actress thing is really a cover! And she's basically a Sydney Bristow/Sarah Walker type badass spy. If you want to keep it in the world of the show, that can be her cover and maybe she was sent there to watch Sheldon because he has ~secrets~ and ~scientist skillz~ that the enemy might want. If you want to go FULL AU, maybe they both work for the CIA and he's a tech/science guy and she's a spy and there you go.

Sheldon is strong-armed into taking part in a Dancing-With-The-Stars-esque fundraiser at the university. Penny helps out.

College AU. Sheldon is a put-upon RA and Penny is just waiting to move off-campus to the pledge house already. Too bad he's the only person she knows in her only non-intro class and it's either find a way to copy his notes or potentially bomb the class.

Apocafic! The Mayan's turned out to be right and Sheldon and Penny work together to rebuild their little corner of the world.

A double-trope tale, please! The Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future try to show Penny and Sheldon what's missing in their lives. When that fails, the Ghosts make the pair repeat Christmas Eve over and over until they see the truth.

Missy and Wyatt Jr. get engaged. Sheldon, determined to stop the wedding, agrees to be Best Man, but he's not counting on the time he and Maid of Honor Penny will have to spend together as the wedding draws near...

Sheldon is actually a naturally gifted actor (if you count his ability to recite things from memory after little to no prep time) so obviously he was Penny's first choice while casting Flip of the Coin, a short three-act off-off-off Broadway play about her attempts and failures to break into acting and surviving Hollywood. Or maybe she did try to cast someone else for him as she did the other guys in her life, but he's seen the rehearsals and has threatened to sue for defamation if anyone but himself portrays Dr. Sheldon Cooper on or off stage.

Wild West AU! Sheldon is the worst cowboy in history. Luckily for him, Penny the barkeep over at the local saloon agrees to coach him. Can feature gun fights, horses, outlaws, and riding off into the sunset.

What might happen if the Penny, Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, and Howard of today [or the near future] time travelled to the year 2007? What would a glimpse into the lives they led five years ago reveal about the lives they lead today? Would any of them remember old hopes, old feelings and perhaps try to pursue those wants upon returning home? Or maybe try to alter the past by warning their past selves?

One of Penny's regular customers dies, and, as eccentric wealthy men are wont to do, he leaves her a bar. Penny rises to the challenge, Sheldon helps, the group rallies, and liquor is in the air! Erm, love. Love is in the air.

Sheldon discovers that his main rival for an academic prize (or some sort of grant) is a childhood friend of Penny's. (Can be male or female, whatever works for the story). After his initial shock about him not being Penny's first genius friend wears off (you know he'd say something snotty like that), he enlists Penny to reconnect with her old friend and get him some inside information.

The gang goes back to Texas. Proof that you can't take the cowboy out of the Sheldon, and Penny's always loved a cowboy. Optional but delightful things to include: wearing a cowboy hat & blending in, two-stepping, Shiner Boch beer, leftover roping skills from competitions as a kid, shooting, horseback riding, driving the beat up old ranch truck (it doesn't count as driving when there's no road or other cars)

Penny is on her own for Christmas and ends up spending it with Sheldon and his family. Sheldon's family decide to play matchmaker. When Sheldon realizes what his family is doing he asks Penny to play along.

On a drunken whim, Penny starts a vlog. Little does she know it'll lead to the biggest career break in her life... (Some mutually incompatible bonuses: she dies her hair blue, she ends up as a pro gamer, her first kiss with Sheldon is on camera, Amy is a breakout internet sensation, Penny lands a starring role in the next big superhero blockbuster [as Black Canary? Captain Marvel? Mockingbird? Oracle? you decide!], Penny's fans troll Sheldon's Fun with Flags series, and/or Nathan Fillion happens.)

The one with the blog: They say that those who can't do teach, but Penny is probably a worse teacher than she is an actress. So she does the next best thing: she starts a TV blog.

In a King Arthur type land, Lady Penny has inherited a kingdom after the death of her father the king. Her most trusted knight is Sir Sheldon who is smart, brave, noble, fiercely loyal, a skilled swordsman and has a strict code of honour.

Penny gets fired, gets dumped, and gets an eviction letter all within the space of a week. She also gets $5000 from the estate of her now dearly departed, never-knew-she-existed, third cousin's aunt's etc. Despite Leonard's urging to the contrary, she moves out anyway, puts her things in storage, and buys a train ticket. And completely, terribly out of nowhere, Sheldon is standing on the platform the morning her train leaves - piled down with luggage, a ticket in his hand, and already complaining.

Their rivalry starts deep in the pits and smells of burning rubber. (Race Car AU. I'm thinking Rush for inspiration since that movie's fresh on my mind, but any loud and fast and dangerous championship will do!)

Sheldon tells his children (& nieces & nephews if you want) a Christmas story of how he fell for their mother.

Sheldon/Penny, any rating, fusion with 'Hannibal.' Sheldon is a cannibal, Penny is the FBI agent who catches him, and neither of them is pleased with their mutual fascination. Rather than mapping Sheldon and Penny too closely onto their 'Hannibal' counterparts, I'd be interested to see how this would play out in a marginally closer-to-canon universe. As a physicist, Sheldon probably wouldn't be called in to consult on FBI cases; do he and Penny meet before she identifies him as a suspect? How does she catch him? What's the fallout? Is this just one more step in their dance of cat-and-mouse? Dark is good, darker is better.

Penny finally gets her big break and she has Sheldon to thank, of all people.

The one with the virtual reality: For some reason -- his mother dies unexpectedly or his work in theoretical physics flatlines -- Sheldon becomes addict to a new virtual reality technology, so addicted that he's unable to face hard, cold reality. Penny must enter the program and rescue him.

Remember Alice, the artist Leonard met at the comic book store? (See the events of "The Good Guy Fluctuation) She becomes friendly with the whole group. She is considering doing a comic and uses the members of the group as models for her characters. Everyone is eager to be in it. Alice realizes Sheldon and Penny make ideal models for her main characters and she gets them together more and more to pose together taking photographs and sketches of them which puts them in close quarters and involves costumes, posing and styling and which leads to inevitable Penny and Sheldon bickering and sweet moments. Alice wonders what's going on between them and wonders why it's not totally obvious to them.

SPACE BARISTAS: in space, no one can hear you steam.

When Amy moves away, Sheldon tries his best to fill the gloomy void his not-quite girlfriend has left behind. As usual, Penny's the only one willing to help.

Futurefic - Sheldon & Penny bringing up their offspring; a highly intelligent little blonde girl, and a more artistic free-spirited gangly-looking boy. Being parents is never easy.

AU, any rating. Sheldon moves into the apartment across the hall from roommates Amy and Penny. Hijinks ensue! Feel free to substitute Amy for another character; I am awfully fond of her, but if you aren't, pick your favorite and proceed with reckless abandon. Optional: Amy/Stuart, backstory on how Amy and Penny came to be besties, visits from Missy, appearances by Raj, and/or plenty of scavenger hunts.

I really fancy futurefic for some reason; I'm talking when the characters are like fifty or so. Where are they living? Have they gone their separate ways or come even closer together? Obviously Sheldon/Penny centric but I am also SUPER PRO Penny/Career.

I like AUs! Where they teach at the same place, or post-apocalypse, or space, or zombie plague, or grew-up-together, or Wild West, or time-travel, or supernatural detectives or creatures, or someone turns into a literal fairy (oh wait...!), or they work on a nightly news program, or in a restaurant, or anything!

Sheldon and Penny solve a mystery, Sherlock Holmes style. Can be a silly mystery, like "The Case of the Missing Comic Book" or a legit murder mystery, or whatever you choose. (If you're feeling really ambitious feel free to crossover with Elementary! But don't cross over with BBC Sherlock, please. Or don't crossover at all if you don't know the fandom or don't want to.)

The one with the fake relationship: Sheldon and Penny have to pretend to be in a relationship. Maybe it's to impress an employer or something. Maybe it's because there's an awesome apartment they want to rent but the landlord won't rent to a man and woman who aren't married. Whatever the reason, all that pretending starts to feel pretty real.

Penny gets dragged along to the work outing at a dude ranch. Sheldon and Penny proceed to school the group on midwestern/farm life. They bond, they maybe make out, they wear cowboy hats.

Sheldon and Penny have to take a trip across country full of hijinks, tension and misadventures. There should be bickering and perhaps some poignant moments. When they're not fighting, they're putting their heads together to solve their predicaments and being the team we know they can be. The two of them having to share a motel or hotel room would be nice - one of those beds on a train would be even better.

AU: God love you if you can somehow feasibly do a FNL AU where Sheldon is Coach and Penny is Mrs Coach.

Sheldon/Penny. They play the longest game of Risk ever. Or at least, it feels that way.

The theme could be : Sheldon and Penny meet after many years, and are in their forties or so. Neither of them are as stubborn or as easily stereotyped as before. They have been knocked about a bit and learned to be comfortable with themselves and now that they meet, perhaps with each other.

Hunger Games AU. There are two ways to go about this, IMO. Sheldon and Penny are chosen as tributes from their district. OR, one of them is the mentor and the other is tribute. Whatever works for you!

Star Wars fusion! Penny as the dashing rogue pilot and Sheldon as the jedi scientist princess in distress who ends up saving the day.

Futurefic with zombies! Leonard & co. haven't seen Penny or Sheldon in years - which is why they're shocked to discover the identities of California's deadliest zombie-killing team.

Bleak alternate universe! Penny or Sheldon or both are married to other people, but that doesn't keep them from their weekly assignations.

Penny gets a role in a movie or TV series (doesn't have to be a big part), but she has to leave California for at least a month (maybe two or three). Sheldon has to deal with what is an obvious change in routine. Absences makes the heart grow fonder, etc.

Sheldon and Penny stuck on a desert island.

Student/teacher relationship (could be AU, or "teacher Sheldon" like from the Gorilla Experiment)

Evil Wil Wheaton's schemes result in Sheldon/Penny realizing their feelings for each other.

I would love to see a story where Sheldon's inability to offer Penny more than friendship is a positive influence on both of them, as well as their relationship.

Like Gomez whenever Morticia spoke French, Sheldon gets turned on whenever Penny speaks geek (or uses advanced vocabulary).

Sheldon gets mistaken for Penny's agent. Hilarity ensues. Penny/Career, Penny/Sheldon.

Reverse AU! Penny is the beautiful mind genius girl (not necessarily a physicist), Sheldon is an East Texas roughneck who followed his rocker girlfriend to California.

Vampires take over Pasadena.

Penny discovers that Sheldon writes fanfic for Age of Conan. Author's choice of 1) Sheldon writes badfic but he thinks it's awesome, Penny demonstrates how wrong he is 2) Penny discovers that Sheldon ships Sheldor/Queen Penelope but his sex scenes leave something to be desired and Penny gives him some "inspiration".

Sheldon Cooper and the Temple of Doom. Except Sheldon is less Indiana Jones and more Willie Scott so it's up to Penny to save the stones and the children. Bonus points for a whip-wielding Penny and Leonard as Short Round.

Sheldon/Penny meets While You Were Sleeping. Penny's a toll collector that leads a dull and lonely life. Until she meets and saves Leonard's life. Cue the confusion and Penny ends up fake engaged to a comatose Leonard. She struggles to keep up the charade while at the same trying not to fall in love with Leonard's geeky and oblivious best friend. Bonus points if Raj = Uncle Sal and Penny confides in him.


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