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FANMIX | This Is Your Heart | Saturnalia Gift for ISH!

Oh, darling Ish.  Here is a fanmix for your lovely fix Get Rid of Me If You Try.  Now I can finally leave feedback without giving it away.

PS, there will be fic... sometime.  I started something for you, and then... soccer.  Always soccer.


001 Johnny Cash | Sons & Daughters
002 I'm Good, I'm Gone | Lykke Li
003 Pumpin' Blood  | NONONO
004 Tigers | Via Audio
005 Same High | Uh Huh Her
006 Hearts Like Ours | The Naked and Famous
007 Science/Visions | CHVRCHES
008 Running If You Call My Name | Haim
009 Low Down | The Rolling Stones
010 Texas | Magic Man


[Front link] [Back link]
Cover art by __hibiscus


[MEDIAFIRE] hxxp --> http

If there are any problems with Mediafire, let me know & I can re-up.
Tags: !a very merry saturnalia: 2013, fan: mixes
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