wolfie (muir_wolf) wrote in sheldon_penny,

Saturnalia Fic for Gertie_Flirty | Swing My Heart Across the Line

Title: Swing My Heart Across the Line
Author: muir_wolf
Spoilers: Nope
Rating/Warnings: PG
Word Count: ~9k
Disclaimer: BBT isn't mine, etc.
Summary: AU that runs concurrent to the show's canon; bodyswap fic

Penny insists that the first time it happened, she was eight. She’s sure of it. She’s more than sure. It’s not easy to forget suddenly standing in the boys' locker room, surrounded by gross boys. She’d clapped her hands (his hands) over her eyes (his eyes) and turned away, and that, she says, that, she knows, is the very first time.

Tags: !a very merry saturnalia: 2013, fan: fiction, rating: pg
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