Jessica (galfridian) wrote in sheldon_penny,

Saturnalia is here!

Happy Saturnalia, Paradox! Since this year is a little different from previous years, we wanted to let you know how we'll be doing things.

We'll be releasing a few (2-4) gifts per day, starting today and ending on December 23rd. Posts will be approved in the order they appear in the queue, so if you posted your assignment later on the due date, expect it to go through later this week.

You can add your gift to this year's AO3 collection here. Please note, I mistakenly marked the collection as "unrevealed" first. Because I cannot reveal individual stories, four have been revealed there already. Posting to the collection is now moderated so that gifts may be added a few at a time at both AO3 and here.

Also, we have something fun planned for Christmas Eve, so if you're looking for something fun to do while waiting for Christmas morning or Yuletide reveals, remember to stop by here!
Tags: !a very merry saturnalia: 2013
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